Declaring waste from garages and bodywork


Since hazardous waste can pose a risk to human health and the environment, and used tyres are subject to mandatory reclamation, despite being classified as non-hazardous waste, to avoid illegal storage that is likely to cause the very serious fires that Wallonia has experienced in the past, the management of this waste is subject to various requirements. These include the obligation for operators of garages and bodywork centres to declare the quantities of hazardous waste and used tyres that are still stored on their operating site at the end of the half-year and the quantities of this waste that is collected during the half-year by the Department of Waste Policy (via the DEGACAR declaration form) on a twice-yearly basis (10 February and 10 August).

These documents allow the Department of Waste Policy to monitor this waste and the statistical processing of the related operations. Waste is considered to be hazardous from the moment it is mentioned as such in the Walloon Government Decree of 10 July 1997, which establishes a waste catalogue, or from the moment it presents one of the hazard characteristics listed in annex III of the aforementioned decree. Waste that is subject to mandatory reclamation is listed in the Walloon Government Decree of 23 September 2010, which establishes an obligation to reclaim certain waste.

To make this declaration, you must complete the electronic form or send the printed and completed form to the Department of Waste Policy.

In detail


Your declaration must be made:

  • between 01/07 and 10/08 for the first half year (01/01–30/06)
  • between 01/01 and 15/03 for the second half-year (01/07–31/12) 


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