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The legislation applies to tanks with a capacity equal to, or greater than, 3,000 litres, comprising one or more reservoirs, whether overground (i.e. in the garden, cellar or in an uncovered pit) or buried (i.e. buried directly in the ground or in a fully or partially covered pit). After 25,000 litres, tanks are subject to the environmental permit (see “connected processes” section: Applying for an environmental permit or a single permit for a class-1 or class-2 establishment).

For tanks with a smaller capacity, these rules are not mandatory; however, it is highly recommended.

Key points

The AGW of 18 July 2019, regarding the management of oil tanks used for heating purposes with a capacity between 500 and 24,999 litres, had hinted that  changes would occur on 12 May. However, this AGW was repealed in April 2020, with the provisions regarding the environmental permit remaining in force until further notice.

In detail

  • Either go directly to the municipality and find the declaration form; 
  • Or download the PDF form in the forms section below
  • Or complete the form directly online (see the forms section below). Once the form is complete, a PDF will be generated and no further action is required. The municipality will be updated automatically.

If you complete the form online, there are two important pieces of information that must be provided:

  • The category number: for tanks between 3,000 and 24,999 litres;
  • Download an installation diagram for the tank. This may be done freehand, but it is a good idea to have a scanner at home to download this document.


The legislation changes on 13 May 2020, so interested parties should go to the Soil site to find out the latest information.


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