Declaring your production of hazardous waste


Since hazardous waste can pose a risk to human health and the environment, its management is subject to several requirements. These include the obligation for producers of hazardous waste to provide the Soil and Waste Department (DSD) with a declaration that they are storing waste each year (before 31 March).

These documents allow the DSD to monitor hazardous waste and the statistical processing of the related operations. Waste is considered hazardous from the moment it is mentioned as such in the Walloon waste catalogue (see Regulations Section: AGW of 10 July 1997), or the moment it presents one of the hazard characteristics listed in annex III of the aforementioned decree. PCBs/PCTs and waste oils are also included.

To make this declaration, you must complete the template presented below, or provide the DSD with any other evidence, provided that the information appearing in the template is found in your documents.

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Contactez la Direction des infrastructures de gestion et de la politique des déchets concernant la déclaration de production de déchets
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