Disposing of my paper and cardboard office waste


Paper and cardboard represent the majority of waste from your company's office activities. This type of waste is defined as non-hazardous industrial waste. It is mostly recyclable.

To this end, it is a good idea to make a container for collecting paper and cardboard available to workers at the company (this may simply be a cardboard box).

For the collection of recyclable paper and cardboard, you can either:

  • make use of the municipality's door-to-door collection service;
  • contact a private collector for the collection;
  • contact or voluntarily take paper and cardboard to a reclamation centre.

Key points

Please note that some paper and cardboard is not suitable for recycling and must be disposed of as traditional waste:

  • greasy or soiled paper and cardboard;
  • laminated paper;
  • self-adhesive paper;
  • carbon or copying paper.



Paper and cardboard waste-collection and waste-processing centres
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