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SOFICO (the manager of the road network, that is, motorways and dual carriageways), SPW Mobility and Infrastructure, the Federal Road Police and the 72 local police zones in Wallonia have signed a “road safety” partnership agreement. This agreement proposes a series of services to facilitate the presence of police officers on the ground and to improve safety in at-risk areas, which have been identified by the SPW based on figures that are regularly reported by the local and federal police.

In terms of radars, the Walloon road network has:

- 277 fixed boxes for law-enforcement radars

- 126 mobile law-enforcement radars (unmarked police vehicles)

- 4 semi-fixed site radars (LIDAR)

- a radar section in Cointe

The Walloon Agency for Road Safety (AWSR) publishes information about checks that have recently been carried out, or that are planned for the future in police zones, on its website.

Where does the money from a speeding fine go?

A portion goes to the Federal Government's budget; another portion is used for the Road Safety Fund, which is  distributed between the Federal Police, local police zones, SPF Justice and SPF Mobility for all costs relating to road safety. The regions receive the amount accrued through regional offences, namely:

- Speed-related offences on roads other than motorways;

- Technical-inspection offences;

- Offences regarding exceptional transport;

- Offences regarding the transport of hazardous materials;

- Offences regarding the mass and loading of goods that are transported via roads;

- Offences regarding the size and signage of loads;

- Offences regarding the positioning of road signage.



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