Lodging an appeal relating to the approval of a company. during a sandwich training contract


You have the option to lodge an appeal (via the form below) against a decision made by a training provider in relation to a procedure refusing, suspending or withdrawing the approval of a company.

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Target audience – details

Any natural or legal person subject to private or public law.

To lodge an appeal to OFFA's Approval and Mediation Committee, you are invited to take contact or by post, or by e-mail, at the following addresses :

Postal mail to be sent to : OFFA - Commission d’Agrément et de Médiation, avenue Herrmann-Debroux, 40 - 42, 1160 Bruxelles

Mail to : commission@offa-oip.be

If you have any questions, you can contact Alain Goreux, Director-General of OFFA (alain.goreux@offa-oip.be)

Legal references



OFFA’s Approval and Mediation Committee
Avenue Herrmann-Debroux, 40 - 42
1160 Bruxelles

Personnes de contact

Monsieur Goreux Alain 
Directeur général de l'OFFA 

If your application concerns an appeal against a decision made by OFFA in relation to an application procedure for financial incentives

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