Obtain information from the Soil-Stade Database (Banque de Données de l’Etat des Sols, BDES)


Soil is an essential resource in Wallonia, which is why a special decree is dedicated to its management. The new version of this decree, which was adopted by the Wallonia Parliament on 1 March 2018, entered into force on 1 January 2019.

Among the provisions implemented by this new text, the Soil-State Database (BDES) provides all citizens access to the administration's data regarding the state of soil in Wallonia. It also makes it possible to issue official extracts during certain administrative processes.

In detail


L’usager dispose en ligne d’informations sur n'importe quelle parcelle. Ces informations peuvent s’avérer indispensables pour l’obtention de certains permis ou lors de cessions de biens.


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