Obtaining approval for access to the cross-border transport market (foreign businesses)


Any foreign business wishing to organise cross-border transport to Wallonia from a State on the border must obtain approval from the Walloon Region.

Key points

There must already be an authorisation granting admission to the occupation issued by the authorities of the State in which the business is established.

In detail


A business established in a different Member State submits its application for cross-border transport to the competent authority of that Member State.

That authority contacts the Directorate for Regulation of Road Transport to apply for approval.

The process for this is as follows:

  1. The authority sends the application form filled in by the business, a copy of the authorisation granting the business admission to the occupation, the timetables, prices and itinerary, and any other information deemed useful.
  2. Confirmation of receipt is sent to the authority.
  3. A request for consultation is sent to the Transport Operator of Wallonia OTW. The OTW has 2 months in which to issue an opinion. If there has been no response after 2 months, the opinion is assumed to be positive. A copy of the opinion is sent to the Transport Authority AOT.
  4. The positive or negative opinion is sent to the foreign authority. It is accompanied by a request for a copy of the authorisation.


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