Obtaining a licence to operate as a butcher


Any company that wants to operate a butcher's shop on Walloon territory must prove that they have a butcher's licence issued by the Walloon region.

To obtain the butcher's licence, an individual within the company must prove their professional skills as a butcher.

Professional butchery skills can be proven with a diploma or professional experience.

In detail

Target audience – details

The butcher’s licence is aimed at individuals who want to work as a butcher in a butchery company on Walloon territory.

The parties concerned may be individuals or legal entities.


Professional butchery skills may be proven with a butcher's diploma, or at least three years of full-time, or four years of part-time, professional experience.


If a butcher's licence is obtained, the company may operate a butcher’s shop (subject to other administrative formalities).


To obtain a butcher's licence, the company must first complete the application form. The documents indicated on the back of said form must be attached to this form.

The file must be sent by post to the following address:

Service public de Wallonie
Département du Développement économique
Direction des Projets thématiques
Place de la Wallonie, 1
5100 Jambes

The company then receives confirmation of receipt.

If the file is incomplete, the company receives a letter inviting them to complete the file.

If the file is complete, the company receives the butcher's licence.



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