Participating in the survey on research aid results


This survey aims to collect data that is useful for evaluating the result of granting aid. It concerns all research projects funded by the Walloon region. It is conducted at the end of the funding period.

Key points

Two tiers of data is collected via two forms, in the following order:

  1. ‘Beneficiary’ component. In the event of a partnership, the ‘Beneficiary’ component should be filled out by each organisation individually, including the sponsor (coordinator).
  2. ‘Project’ component. The ‘Project’ component can only be completed after submission of the form(s) pertaining to the ‘Beneficiary’ component. In the event of a partnership, the ‘Project’ form is only of relevance to the sponsor (coordinator). The sponsor (coordinator) may only submit the ‘Project’ form after receiving the copy of the ‘Beneficiary’ forms from each partner and after submitting the ‘Beneficiary’ form for its organisation itself.

In detail

Target audience – details

Any beneficiary of research assistance (company, university or college research department, approved research centre).


This survey is an integral part of the final report for any research assistance. As a result, the response influences the liquidation of the final instalment of any assistance.

  • If the project is not a partnership (if only one beneficiary is included in the research agreement):

You must complete a ‘Beneficiary’ form and then a ‘Project’ form to complete this collection of information.

  • If the project is a partnership (if multiple beneficiaries are included in the research agreement):

Each project partner included in the funding schedule in the agreement (excluding any sponsors) must complete a ‘Beneficiary’ form. A copy of each response to the ‘Beneficiary’ form will be sent to the project sponsor (coordinator). When the sponsor (coordinator) has received copies of each of the responses from each beneficiary, and submitted their own ‘Beneficiary’ form for their organisation, they must submit a ‘Project’ form to complete this collection of information.

The data that is collected makes it possible to carry out an ex-post assessment (after the subsidy) of the funding programmes and aid schemes. The data collected at the individual project level will be handled in a confidential manner. Only aggregated results may be disseminated.



For questions related to the status of your file: your technical manager. For any other questions about the survey:

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