Receiving financial support for a software study


This feasibility study allows the company to receive assistance from a public research organisation, a university or a college to:

  • validate the concept of the software product or service (proof of concept);
  • research the most efficient development tools;
  • implement a development methodology that is based on performance, quality and security;
  • prepare specifications for potential subcontractors;
  • develop or optimise the project's business model;
  • research ways to protect the developments.

In detail

Target audience – details

SMEs that are not in financial difficulty according to the European Directive (see practical guide) and which have at least one business unit in the Walloon region.


The application is assessed based on the following criteria:

  • The innovative character of the project (contribution to scientific progress in terms of the acquisition of new knowledge);
  • The focus of the feasibility study, in the context of the company’s development strategy and Wallonia’s technical and economic needs.
  • The added value of the activity that will be derived from the new product, service or process that is subject to the research, from an economic and employment point of view;
  • The environmental impact of the research, which must be favourable or zero;
  • The degree of risk, which must be obvious;
  • The ability to find financing for the current and expected future needs of the project.

The subsidy is a financial aid that covers 75% of the cost of the study.

Note: Starting from 1 January 2015, technical support, software, strategic marketing consultancy and consultancy studies concerning technological transfer are all part of the same “pack”, which is capped at €200,000 per company over three years.


There is no closing date for submitting the application for this aid. 

Generally speaking, the time between the submission of your application and notification of the financing decision varies between three months and six months. This time frame is provided as an indication and may not be met. We do everything we can to provide you with a decision as quickly as possible.

The application is submitted via an electronic form. Note that an electronic signature is used when filing your financing applications.

If the decision is in your favour and the budgetary credits are available, a region-company agreement is concluded for the study and specifies the rights and obligations of each of the parties.


Appeal procedures

How can I contact the department who made the decision?

You may contact the administrative department that made the decision at any time, independently of the appeal procedures outlined below, notably to:

- obtain additional explanations concerning the decision;

- complete your initial application with elements that are not known by the administration;

- communicate the reasons behind your dispute.

 You must contact the following department: 

SPW Économie, Emploi, Recherche

Département de la Recherche et du Développement technologique

Direction de l’accompagnement et de la Sensibilisation

Place de la Wallonie, 1 (bât. III) to 5100 NAMUR (JAMBES)

Phone: +32 (0)81 33 44 80-84

This free process is not subject to any specific formalities and does not suspend the periods for filing an appeal. The absence of a response from the administration does not constitute acceptance of your request. 


Unless the dispute can be viewed as relating to a subjective right – in which case only courts of law and legal tribunals have jurisdiction – an appeal may be submitted to the State Council, in accordance with the procedures outlined below.

Request for cancellation

Cancellation of the decision may be requested by filing a request with the State Council, either:

- electronically to ;

- with a signed and dated registered letter to:

Conseil d’État


Section du Contentieux administratif

Rue de la Science, 33

1040 Brussels

You must submit your request within 60 calendar days from the date of notification for the disputed decision. 

In your request, you must indicate the “motives” of your appeal, that is, the legal rights that have been infringed by the decision and the way in which they have been infringed.

Request for suspension

Sending a cancellation request does not suspend the effects of the decision.

If an emergency arises which is incompatible with the processing of the case, and if a serious argument is manifestly likely to lead to the cancellation, you may file a request to suspend the decision with the State Council. 

The request for suspension may be submitted before, at the same time as, or after sending the request for cancellation. 

In exceptional cases, and under specific conditions, you may also request the suspension of the decision in cases of extreme emergency.

Practical information

Requests for cancellation and suspension requests are only valid if they contain certain annexes and information. Reference is made to the coordinated laws and decrees mentioned below, which are available at (“procedure” section).

Each requesting party must pay a fee of €200 (amount as of 9 January 2017), using a transfer form that will be sent to the party after the appeal is received. Payment is not currently subject to any deadline and the payment of the sum may be made at any time before the closure of the dispute.

Find out more: laws on the State Council, coordinated on 12 January 1973, Regent Decree of 23 August 1948 determining the procedure before the administrative disputes department of the State Council, Royal Decree of 5 December 1991 determining interlocutory proceedings before the State Council, which are available at (“procedure” section).





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