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Does a soil management expert ask you to collect soil or groundwater samples for a soil survey? Have you been asked by an Expert or an Authorised Installation (AI) for soil storage or processing to sample in situ or excavated soil in order to produce a Soil Quality Report (SQR)?

You must be registered with the SPW ARNE (Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment) as a "Soil Sampler" in order that the analytical results of the soil, groundwater or soil samples, which you have collected, will have official value.



The soil sampler is one of the main players in the system for the sustainable management of Walloon soils implemented by the Soil Decree. However, this requires the use of professionals who are qualified in their field.

By registering you as a soil sampler in this context, the SPW ARNE recognises that you have the necessary means to accomplish your missions while meeting the legal requirements in force in your field.



In order to apply for a registration number, you must have completed the Basic Soil Sampler training module provided by the ISSEP (The Scientific Institute of Public Service).

This addresses the methods for:
      • collecting
      • sampling
      • packaging
      • and preservation of samples

These methods are described in the:
      • Walloon compendium of sampling and analytical methods (CWEA)
      • Walloon Code of Good Practice (CWBP) which includes the Reference Guide to Land Management (GRGT)

The basic module also provides an overview of the current legislation.

Have you not been able to attend this training so far? You will need to commit yourself to attend the training as soon as it can be arranged.



In order to apply for a registration number, please fill in the form provided and attach to it the seven required annexes. Please send your file by email to the administration according to the procedure described below.




In detail

Target audience – details

Any natural person who:
      • at the request of an authorised land storage or processing facility
      • or under the direction of an Expert
collects soil or groundwater samples in accordance with the CWEA, CWBP and applicable legislation.



The conditions to be met are documented in the appendices to be attached to the registration application form (see point 1.1 of “Procedure”).

To find out more about the soil sampler training provided by ISSEP, consult the list of basic or advanced training modules planned (see “Useful links”).


When you are assigned a registration number, you are included in the list of soil samplers registered in Wallonia under the Sol Decree. This list is accessible to everyone and can be consulted by experts, analysis laboratories and individuals alike.




1.1 Preparing the application for registration

Complete, date and sign the application form (please see "Forms").

Please note: if you are sampling on behalf of a company, this document must be signed by you and the company which employs you.


The application form must be accompanied by the annexes 1 to 7 below:

1. a copy of your valid identity card

2. a copy of the extract proving your registration in the National Register of Commerce and Companies (if you carry out your activity as a sampler on behalf of a company, the copy of the extract must indicate that the company which employs you)

3. if you are working as a sampler for a company, a copy of your contract, dated and signed by the company's legal representative and yourself

4. a statement of honour, dated and signed by you, certifying that:
      • you have not been convicted of an offence involving a breach of regional, federal or any other environmental legislation of another Member State
      • you have not been convicted of an offence involving deprivation of your civil and political rights
      • you have the necessary equipment and technical means to ensure the soil sample collection assignments
      • you have the equipment and computer resources necessary for communicating information to laboratories, experts or the administration
      • you have sufficient writing skills in French or German
      • you agree to participate in information, refresher and training sessions recognised by the administration or its agent as being related to your missions

5. a copy of your certificate of participation in the Soil Sampler training course issued by ISSEP less than one year ago. If you have not yet been able to attend the training course, you must provide a statement of commitment to attend the training when it is next scheduled.

6. a copy of your professional liability and operations insurance policies covering all your sampling activities.
      • If you are acting on behalf of a company, these will be the insurance contracts taken out by the company
      • If you do not have a contract, you must provide a statement of commitment to take out the professional liability and operations insurance within one month of being notified of your registration as a sampler. This commitment is signed by you (or the company for which you work) and the insurance company.

7. a declaration of honour with regard to compliance with the rules and submission to the control and sanction measures provided for in the Decree dated 6 December 2018 with regard to soil management and decontamination (please see the model in "Forms").
       • If you are practising your activity as a sampler on behalf of a company on behalf of a company, this document must be signed by you and the company which employs you.




1.2 How to submit your application for registration with the SPW ARNE?

The application file which you have prepared, dated and signed, should be sent by email to the Soil Protection Directorate of the SPW ARNE at:

Specify in the subject line of your message "Soil sampler registration request - Company name".




The SPW ARNE will check that your file is complete. It will inform you of the results of this operation within 30 days after receiving your request.


Is your application considered incomplete?

The administration will have provided you with a list of missing items. Send them to it by email at the above address.




Once your application is deemed complete and admissible, the administration will assign you a registration number. It will inform you of its decision within 30 days after receiving your completed application.



Do you have any questions about the registration? Contact the Soil Protection Directorate
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