Register as a waste sample collector


Are you a certified laboratory for waste analysis or a road or waste management design office? Do you want to collect waste samples?

In Wallonia, you must be an organisation registered by the administration to be able to collect waste samples. This registration procedure is mandatory and free of charge. Registration is valid for an indefinite period.

Valid for all types of waste

For what type of waste? You can collect all types of waste covered by the Decree of 27 June 1996 on waste. This excludes, among other things, the lands included under the "Soils" decree of 13 December 2018.

Verify skills and avoid unfair competition

The SPW Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment, and in particular the Soil and Waste Department (DSD), that issues registrations for the collection of waste samples.

Our goal? To ensure that the organisations and individuals collecting the samples have the necessary skills and equipment to do the job effectively.

For companies, registration prevents unfair competition from organisations that would collect unrepresentative and cheaper samples.

To ensure the conformity of the specimens, we have created a tool that sets out the analysis and sampling methods to be followed. This is the CWEA: the Walloon Compendium of Sampling and Analysis Methods, developed with the Public Service Scientific Institute (ISSeP).

Fill out the form

You will be registered if you meet the requirements and provide us with all the necessary documents. Below you will find the application form, all the requirements, the steps to follow and useful links to learn more about waste collection.


In detail

Target audience – details

Companies (as a natural or legal person) wanting to:

  • either obtain registration
  • or find out which companies are legally authorised to collect waste samples for analysis
  • Take out civil liability insurance for your activities
  • Have sufficient sampling and computer equipment
  • Be independent of the contractor
  • Apply the methods set out in the CWEA (published by the ISSeP) to the sampling work
  • Take part in all the training sessions organised by the ISSeP, related to waste collection
  • At the request of the administration, provide a precise list of the locations and dates of the work planned under the registration, for the period indicated in the administration's request



Your registration may be suspended or withdrawn if:

the conditions for registration are no longer met and, in particular, any of the rules referred to in Articles 6 and 25 of the AGW of 11 April 2019 are not respected the services provided by the registrant are considered by the administration to be of clearly insufficient quality there is a report of a violation of the Law of 22 July 1974 on toxic waste, the Decree of 27 June 1996, or its implementing orders the collector does not follow the procedures set out in the CWEA


The processing time for your application is one month. If this deadline is exceeded, this does not constitute a refusal. 



  1. Complete the form (see "Forms" below) and the appendices
  2. Date and sign the form and the sworn declarations (Appendices 4 and 6)
  3. Send a scanned version of the signed documents by email to and 
  4. As soon as we receive your application, we will check that it contains the necessary information and documents
  • If the application is incomplete, we will inform you of the additional documents or information required
  • If the application is complete, you will receive notification of the decision to grant or deny registration



In the form to be completed, you will find all the details of the documents to be provided:

  • Proof of registration with the National Trade and Companies Registry. For Belgian companies: at the CBE (= Appendix 1) (free format)
  • The lists of equipment and technical/computer resources (= Appendix 2) (free format)
  • Your skills (CV, diplomas, training, etc.) (= Annex 3) (free format)
  • A sworn declaration on the moral guarantees, the equipment and the technical and computer resources (= Appendix 4) (free format)
  • An insurance contract (= Appendix 5) (free format)
  • A template sworn declaration (= Annex 6) (use the document available in "Useful documents")

Sequentially number any other attachments you wish to send. As a reminder, the main form and Appendices 4 and 6 must be dated and signed.



The registration application procedure is also available in German. Go to the publication of the Belgian Official Gazette of 20/09/2019, where you will find a German version of the application form for registration (Appendix 1) and the text of the Decree of 11 April 2019.



You can appeal to the Minister of the Environment regarding the decisions made by the administration.





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