Taking the category-B practical driving test


The practical test takes place after completing the lessons that are taken after passing the theory test.

In Wallonia, three learning pathways available :

1. Driving school pathway – This pathway allows you to acquire the basics of driving through a driving school. You can then drive alone during the training stage.

2. Free pathway – During your training period, you drive the vehicle in the presence of a mentor, who accompanies you free of charge. You may not drive alone under any circumstances.

3. Direct access – This pathway allows you to take practical lessons with a driving school for the practical test, with no prior training.

The access conditions for the practical test differ based on the selected pathway. This test takes place in one of the centres that has been approved by Wallonia : Find a test centre.

If you pass, you can apply for your category-B driving licence from your municipal administration.

Key points

When you hold a provisional category-B driving licence, you cannot :

1. drive outside Belgium ;

2. drive a vehicle belonging to the following categories: AM, A1, A2 or A (motorbikes).

In detail

Target audience – details

Citizens aged 18 and over.


You must satisfy the following criteria to take the practical test :

  • be at least 18 years of age ; 
  • take the test on public roads with your own vehicle ;
  • have a valid ID document ;
  • have proof that you passed the theory test within the last three years ;
  • have proof that you passed the hazard perception test ;
  • have a valid provisional driving licence (issued more than three months ago) ;
  • have proof that you have completed the mandatory training required after two failures, if applicable ;
  • have valid proof of civil-liability insurance for the vehicle you are using (green card – international insurance certificate) ;
  • have the registration certificate for the vehicle you are using ;
  • have the valid green certificate for the vehicle you are using (if the vehicle is subject to a technical inspection) ;
  • have the Belgian or European driving licence of the mentor or person accompanying you, which is valid for driving the vehicle in which the practical test is taken ;
  • have the teaching certificate for the guide, if applicable ;
  • have the valid identity document of the mentor or person accompanying you, which has been issued in Belgium ;
  • have proof of payment of the fee (in case of advance payment).

Practical tests take place by appointment.

Contact the test centre of your choice by consulting the following page: Find a test centre.

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