Sandwich training – Applying for a financial incentive as a training company


As a training company, you have the option to apply for a financial incentive for having trained a trainee as part of a sandwich training course.

In detail

Target audience – details

Any natural or legal person subject to private or public law who has taken on a trainee undergoing sandwich training under a sandwich training contract.


To obtain the company incentive, your company must:

  • have obtained a permanent approval to train a trainee and actually pursue the profession relating to that approval; 
  • be listed with the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises;
  • have its social security and tax obligations in order;
  • have concluded a sandwich training contract with the trainee;
  • have completed, for the trainee, training of at least 270 days under a sandwich training contract during the first year of sandwich training, which starts on the day on which the company concludes a sandwich training contract with a level A trainee, within the meaning of Article 2ter(2) of the Framework Cooperation Agreement [accord de coopération-cadre] of 24 October 2008, with the objective of training in a particular profession, and which ends no later than 31 August of the academic year in which the trainee moves to level B;
  • have provided the trainee with supervision under an accredited tutor; and
  • have trained the trainee in an unit of an establishment (place of business) located in the French-speaking Walloon Region.

An incentive of EUR 750 per supervised trainee.


The company must submit an incentive application online via its personal account using the ad hoc form.

The company can check the progress of its application at any time by logging in to its personal account.



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