Taking the category-B driving theory test


The theory test assesses your knowledge of the highway code and your ability to perceive hazards. During the test, you will be asked 50 multiple-choice questions concerning the following :

- road signs, right of way, overtaking, stopping and parking, changing direction, junctions, place on the public highway, motorways, roads for cars, level crossings, speed, driving licences, withdrawal of the the right to drive, alcohol, defensive driving, measures to help victims of road accidents, the most important principles concerning distances, driving risks related to  the varied state of road surfaces, safety factors concerning the loading the vehicle and the individuals being transported, rules for using the vehicle respectfully, as it pertains to the environment, administrative documents ;

- the importance of vigilance and attitudes towards other road users ;

- perception, evaluation and decision-making skills, in particular, reaction time, and changes to a driver's behaviour due to the effects of alcohol, drugs and medication, emotional effects and fatigue ;

- characteristics of different road types and legal requirements arising from these characteristics ;

- specific risks related to the inexperience of other road users; the most vulnerable categories of road users, such as children, pedestrians, cyclists and people with reduced mobility ;

- risks pertaining to traffic and driving various types of vehicles and the different visibility conditions for drivers of these vehicles ;

- regulations pertaining to administrative documents concerning the use of the vehicle ;

- precautions required when leaving the vehicle ;

- mechanical elements related to driving safety ;

- vehicle safety equipment ;

- safety in tunnels.

To prepare for the theory test, various tools are available from driving schools or libraries (CD, book). You can also consult the highway code.

Key points

It will cost you €16 to take the theory test. This amount must be paid each time you take the test.

If you fail the theory test twice in a row, you will have to take classes at a driving school before sitting the test again.

The test is in French. It can be taken in German at the Eupen test centre, or in Dutch or English, by appointment, at the Couillet and Wandre centres.

In detail

Target audience – details

Citizens aged at least 17 years of age on the day of the test.


You must be at least 17 years of age to sit the theory test.


Theory tests can be taken in 14 test centres that have been approved by Wallonia, with or without an appointment, depending on the choice of test centre.

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