Receiving training or support to acquire company-creation skills


“Company-creation” cheques aim to help the recipient to create a company. This support may involve training and support, but also consultancy during the creation phase and, once the company has been created, through consultancy to strengthen and consolidate processes during the post-creation phase.

In order to help you acquire solid bases, or to consolidate your knowledge regarding company creation, we offer the “company-creation training” cheque, which is intended to cover costs related to:

  • preparatory training undertaken by a project leader or a company in regards to company creation;
  • personalised support with company creation, with a view to improving the performance of the project leader or company in regards to company creation.

Key points

The total amount of public intervention granted per recipient over three years in the context of “Company creation” cheques is limited to €15,000.

  • For the "company-creation training" cheque, the maximum amount of public intervention per recipient is €6,000 over three years.
  • For the "company-creation consultancy" cheque, the maximum amount of public intervention per recipient is €15,000 over three years.

Over three consecutive years, you can combine the two cheques mentioned above, each within its own limit, up to the theme limit.

In addition, you must not have reached the maximum public intervention amount for the integrated business aid portfolio.

  • €37,500 per calendar year for the project leader;
  • €100,000 per calendar year for the company.

In detail

Target audience – details

You can benefit from the "company-creation training cheque” if you are;

  • a job-seeker;
  • an employee;
  • a freelancer as a secondary activity;
  • or a company that primarily operates in Wallonia.
  • You have a project that primarily operates in Wallonia;
  • You have a project which is not part of one of the excluded sectors outlined in the attached list;
  • As a project leader, you agree to undertake training, or to receive personalised support, in regards to company creation;
  • As a company, you agree to undertake training, or to receive personalised support, for the creation of a new activity;
  • As a company, you must declare, by means of a sworn statement signed by the company’s manager, that the project for which the training is required relates to the creation of an establishment, or the diversification of an establishment’s activity, and that the new activity is not identical or similar to the previous activity carried out within the establishment.

The Service public de Wallonie Economy, Employment, Research, and Training department finances up to 80% of the cost for services that fall within the remit of the creation theme, excluding VAT.

The remaining costs and the VAT are borne by you.


Registration on the platform:

  • In order to use the platform, you must create a “citizen” account beforehand.
  • To do this, you can register via the registration module available on the home page, or activate the account via an email that is sent following the creation of your account by a third party (service providers, contacts at a previously registered company, etc.).
  • Registration/activation is only possible via the secure authentication module with an electronic identity card (eiD Belgium). This process is mandatory. 

The application process:

  • The subsidy application may be filed by you directly, but it can also be filed by your service provider on your behalf.

For the first application submitted via the platform, we invite you to contact an approved/accredited service provider of your choice directly. They will then take care of the application process for you.

In fact, during your first cheque application, it is not possible to link an account to a company on the platform, because it does not exist in our database yet.

The only authentic source that will allow us to link the contact to a recipient is an approved service provider with whom you will be bound by a contractual relationship.

Therefore, it is the service provider who creates the recipient in the system, upon submitting the first requested cheque under the service agreement, and they will vouch for the identity of the recipient and their contact person.

Subsequently, when submitting later applications, you will be able to file the application for the cheque yourself.

  • In the context of this subsidy application, you must conclude a service agreement (generated by the platform) with an approved service provider for the requested cheque. This agreement will be provided upon submitting the file and the signed subsidy application, as well as various external documents, or documents generated by the platform, and variants based on the type of cheque requested (“de minimis” declaration, “SME test” declaration, prior diagnosis, certificate from a third-party organisation, etc.)

Validation of the application:

  • In accordance with the confidence principle, the administration proceeds to examine the admissibility of the application, that is, to check the documents that have been submitted. This check must be carried out within five working days. After this time, the application will be considered admissible.

Payment of the share:

  • When the subsidy is granted, the Region will ask you to pay the sum you get to keep, based on the level of public intervention. This share must be paid within 30 days; otherwise the file will be deemed inadmissible.
  • Once the payment of the share has been received, an electronic cheque equivalent to the total amount of the aid will be placed in your electronic portfolio, which can be consulted on the platform The service can then begin.


  • It must be carried out within the period specified in the service agreement.

Payment for the service:

  • At the end of the service, the service provider sends their invoice and a service report via the platform
  • You then validate the service provider’s invoice and the service report via the same platform within 15 working days. If validation does not take place by the deadline, the invoice and the report will be deemed valid and the file will be submitted to the administration.
  • After submission, the administration checks the file within 15 working days, before paying the service provider. If validation does not take place by the deadline, the application for aid will be considered admissible.
  • You pay the VAT directly to the service provider.

Requests for additional information:

  • When the application is processed by the administration – both during the introduction (awarding) and closing (settlement) of the application – the administration may send you a request for additional information, if it deems that the elements in its possession do not allow it to decide on the admissibility of the application.
  • You, or your service provider, must respond within one month from the date on which the information is requested; otherwise the application will be deemed inadmissible.

A posteriori checks:

  • Your application may be checked after the fact by the Walloon Region, based on random sampling.


  • If the decision is disputed, you can contact the Business Cheques team or file an appeal, in accordance with the conditions available at this link.



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